1. Lucy

From the recording ETW

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Words & Music: Carlos Cisneros Jr
copyright 2022 musicsojustified


Lucy dances
On her dream
As light as a feather

What’s this road
That she’s on?
It’s only going nowhere
Naked in my bed
She told me that she wants
To soar like a bird
Then she said
“But when I open up, I can’t seem to fly”

She’s so tired of being used
They’re so easily amused
Hey, baby you’re slowly dying
Create that Sundance while you sing
And spread your screaming wings
Come on, girl let me watch you fly

Her body aches
It’s afternoon
She’ll sleep until
She sees the moon
And with it comes
The taste of tears
And the smell of sweat
Then it happens all over again
Another one inside her

She tries to wash it all away
But the blood does more than stain
It cracks the sun and melts away her sky
It’s time to open up your own cage
Kiss your dream and renounce the rage
Come on, Lucy it’s your day to fly
It’s time to open up your cage
Kiss your dream, let go of the rage
Come on, Lucy let me watch you fly