From the recording ETW

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Words & Music: Carlos Cisneros Jr
copyright 2022 musicsojustified


I called you one night from the road
Highway dust, dark and cold
Knew too much about being alone
With no answer received, I imagined you sleeping
And my soul felt alive

There’s a moment when you take a place and a time
And you put it away somewhere safe
Somewhere where only you can find
Well, now girl I just wanted to tell you everything is alright

And if we don’t talk for days
There are so many ways
You continuously amaze
And I just wanted to reach out to you and say

Goodnight. Baby, goodnight
Goodnight. Baby, goodnight

You know I love you, that’s not something I gotta prove
I won’t be able to hold your precious hand
Every time you want me to
And those times I made you cry when I said good-bye

They don’t mean a thing ‘cause you’re the reason I sing
Though I may not always be around
Don’t let that craziness bring you down
One day this life’s gonna take me away
Nothing we can say baby, no, nothing we can change

And when you need a reason to smile
Remember me for just a little while
‘Cause every time I ever felt blue
You were the one that always got me through
And I just wanted to bring you a little hope and light

Goodnight. Baby, goodnight
Goodnight. Baby, goodnight
Goodnight. Baby, goodnight